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Why would I let my child participate in a wobbelgym course?


 In the classes of Wobbelturnen we focus on:

 -the physical and mental health of a child

- a better balance 

- improving gross motor skills

- a better self understanding and self esteem

- developing muscle strength 

- learning to relax and let go 

- possible enhancing creativity, work-attitude, focus, etc. (due to the stimulation of both cerebral hemispheres at the same time during a work out)

- quality-time and positive attachment between nurser and child, during our toddler courses


Wobbelturnen can be useful when:

- a child struggles to focus

-one has difficulties concerning balance

-there are neck- and back aches (e.g. from gaming )

-a child seems to be stressed

-one is too anxious or overactive

-one is a complicated sleeper


A class of wobbelturnen exists out of exercises customized to children from 4 to 7/8 years old. Although the length of your child is crucial, until 1m35 everybody can join!

Moreover, there are also courses for toddlers (2-4y).


Classes of Wobbelgym don't replace any fysical therapy. 


'Lovely that I'm more than
'Taxi mommy'

I enjoy sporting with my kid so much

'Our kids looking forward to every class'

We see how there motor skills emprove! 

'For every child'


My son is high sensitive, the small groups are perfect for him.

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