Meet The Team

Frauke Molen

Owner & Founder of Wobbelturnen - Wobbelgym


Instructor and Mastertrainer

Iris van Hauwenis


The birth of Wobbelturnen / Wobbelgym

The wobbelturnen course was founded by Frauke Molen. It's a unique sport set up in Belgium, suitable for both adults and children. 

Frauke graduated as a Master in Psychology and worked as a child psychologist for multiple years. She also built up experience as a kindergarten and primary school teacher. Today you can find her as a team- and pedagogic manager at the daycare. And of course as founder and instructor of Wobbelturnen. She also followed a course for personal trainer and fitness instruction.

She has a profound experience with children and found an educational, though very fun, way to use and combine all her knowledge about them: Wobbelturnen.
After a while there came international interesse in Wobbelturnen. To make things more clear we uses also Wobbelgym to cover the content of Wobbelturnen more international. 

Milena Wegner - 

Germany & Austria

Rebecca Devilleneuve



Ines Frau-Lehr




Next to a busy professional life, she's a mother of two young rascals and a bonusmom.

Her firstborn helped her to discover the Wobbelboard which resulted into the foundation of Wobbelturnen in May, 2017.

She tells us, "Taking into account my professional background and combining this with my observations at home, I got more and more convinced of the positive outcome such a wobbelboard can have. It's way more than a 'bended board',  as some people describe it.

My firstborn used to be quite rigid in his movements. He never learned to crawl and running wasn't a great succes either. He never learned to fall properly, he always forgot to use his hands, resulting in a bruised face. He was lacking a kind of flexibility which crawling toddlers did have acquired.

When he was a toddler we started to teach him "the art of moving without bruising your face", supported by the use of a wobbelboard. Which was an immediate succes and a great aid.

Waldorfschools' philosophy, the origins of the wobbel, states that children first need to learn how to move before they can sit still and be educated.

This definitely accounts for younger children. They explore the world using their body and its senses, trial and error and cause-consequence, "What would happen if I put my foot down here?". They acquire a great consciousness about their own bodies, orientational skills, knowledge about the world surrounding them, but also self esteem.

We focus a lot on all this during wobbelturnen classes. It's a lot of fun for all children and their parents!"























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